“Wake Up Rise Up”

“Wake Up Rise Up” started as a song but later became a movement. WURU took 5 years to make because we didn't get the expected support from local entertainers to speak out against the violence in our communities. Eventually, we even gave up working on it until last October 2019, when we realized the importance of this message, so we went back to work on this project. The song & music video "WAKE UP RISE UP, OUR LIVES MATTER" is a collaboration of several artists uniting using their talents to say "Enough is Enough, Stop Racism, Stop the drug dealing, Feed the Homeless, Stop the Human Trafficking, Go Vote, Put the Guns down and Stop the Violence" because OUR LIVES MATTER. All of this had to fit in one song, and somehow we did it in the World Music Reggae Style Of Bob Marley. Grammy Award-winning engineer Richard Waller III from John Legend’s first album “Get Lifted” did the mix giving it that “We are the World” type of message.

His advice was followed, and a new female group was started, consisting of Maryam Muhammad Jordan From “The Sound of Philadelphia”, Amanda Price from the band “Doug Payne & Polygon”, and Denise Anderson from the band “Soul on Demand” all from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Doug Payne

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