"Heart on a Trip" is a new single by Tony "Shoshyn" Gilmore. It took us quite a while for us to release this song because the first demo was recorded with the late Frank Alstin who wrote many hits for TSOP including "Who can I run to when I need Love" for The Jones Girls and later covered by Xscape. Frank had left me a message in the box of the 2" master tape stating that this song is definitely a hit. But the note was not discovered until a year after his death. 15 years later the song was sent to entertainment manager Andrea Jackson who responded very quickly and said this song is perfect for Tony Gilmore.

A native of Philadelphia “Shoshyn” (pronounced Show Shine) grew up immersed in the rich power of music. Tony became a member of the group "KOOL AND THE GANG" Singing lead and background vocals alongside James “JT “Taylor for over ten years.
Already a formidable presence in the music industry, Shoshyn has written songs with George Benson, superstar Joe and Clive Davis. “Heart on a Trip” is the song that was tailored just for  “Shoshyn”, where he celebrates how love can take your emotions for a front seat rollercoaster ride with your arms up in the air while screaming for satisfaction.

Produced & written by Doug Payne of Doug Payne & Polygon. Sequenced tracks by Lou "Champion" Motley & Doug Payne. All vocals by Tony " Shoshyn" Gilmore
Co-Produced by Richard A. Waller III for The Walcom Music Group. Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Richard A. Waller III @ Smackhouse Studios, Philadelphia PA. USA.
Cover art by Chase Graphics & Andrea Jackson of AMJ Entertainment Philadelphia PA. Photography by Paris Bey and Theresa Press of AZA Crafts.

His advice was followed, and a new female group was started, consisting of Maryam Muhammad Jordan From “The Sound of Philadelphia”, Amanda Price from the band “Doug Payne & Polygon”, and Denise Anderson from the band “Soul on Demand” all from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Doug Payne

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